Books for the NATO 5

Books for the NATO 5

Shipment of books for the NATO 5 in progress

We were thrilled that so many came to Chicago in solidarity with the NATO protests in May.  Unfortunately, some of our comrades are still in jail — most notably the NATO 5, who are being charged with terrorism.  (There are three others still being held as well, for a total of eight.)

As part of our jail solidarity efforts, The People’s Library of Occupy Chicago is committed to sending books to our friends behind bars.  Below you will find information on how to help us with this initiative or send books yourself.

To learn more about the NATO 5:

To donate funds for shipping and purchasing requested titles:

Book requests:

We will update this section any time we get a specific title request, to see if another Occupy library or individual has it on hand before we spend funds purchasing a used copy.

Requests will be tweeted out via @OChiLibrary with the hashtag #BooksForTheNATO5.  We will also post requests on our Facebook page.

  • (07.30.12): Jared requested books by Philip K. Dick.  He already has Ubik and we are sending a short story collection this week.
  • (08.22.12): Migs requested A Man From St. Petersburg by Ken Follett.

How to send books:

  • Choose a book that is paperback and NOT political in nature.
  • Package it in a padded envelope with BOOK written clearly on the outside (one book per envelope).
  • Addresses for the NATO 5  can be found here.
  • Take the package to your local post office and request that it be sent media mail.
  • Let us know what book you’ve sent to whom! We are keeping track to avoid duplication. Email OChiLibrary [at] gmail and we’ll add yours to the list.

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